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Services Offered at GoldenView

How do you picture your local veterinarian?

We are changing common expectations with a higher level of care. In sickness or health and times of crisis, we have countless strengths. No longer is "the vet" only for shots once a year or emergencies. We use lifecycle planning, wellness care, quality diets and modern technology in addition to the usual preventive and curative medicine, to provide a more holistic approach. Our goal is the same as yours — to help you keep your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible!

Wellness care for your pets

Wellness Care

We consider many factors during a wellness exam including oral hygiene, special dietary needs and nutritional supplementation, weight management, early detection laboratory testing, and more. For dogs, cats and ferrets, vaccines are an important part of wellness care and we assess exposure and risk levels individually for each pet. We offer many additional services and can microchip your pet, perform a MARS Wisdom Panel to determine your dog's exact heritage, take care of your birds grooming needs and much more.

Dental Care

The best and ultimate care for your pet's teeth is a dental cleaning and assessment. We are aware now, more than ever, that dental health affects your pet's overall wellness in many ways. Dr. Ahlgrim and the staff veterinary nurses have received extensive additional training on dental health, hygiene, diagnosis and surgery to provide optimally for your dog or cat. GoldenView Veterinary Hospital has the most up-to-date equipment, including dental radiology, ultrasonic scaler and dental polisher. All dental procedures are performed with safe anesthesia, high tech monitoring and supportive care. An oral health assessment can be scheduled free of charge with one of our staff of veterinary nurses!

Acute Care

Bird with amputated wing

While we wish we never had to see patients in distress, many appointments are made because the pet has a specific problem that needs attention. We routinely call in specialists, such as ultrasound experts and board certified surgeons, when necessary for specialized, advanced care. We consult with and refer patients to numerous other specialists, too. Did you know that local specialists are available for heart, lung, brain, skin, eye and cancer care consultation?

We know and use all of our resources to deliver an incredibly high standard of care for YOUR pet.

Laser Therapy

Therapy Laser is used to ease pain and improve mobility without the use of drugs or surgery. At GoldenView Veterinary Hospital, we use the therapy laser to help treat chronic conditions such as arthritis, gingivitis and skin problems. Acute conditions including ear infections, traumatic wounds, inflammation of the bladder and intervertebral disk disease will also respond to laser treatments. A laser treatment following a surgical or dental procedure will promote quicker healing. For more information on the many uses of laser therapy, see

Click to read laser therapy results from our clients!

Quality Food & Supplements

We are proud to carry a wide selection of nutritional and dental products for your dogs, cats, birds and exotic animals. SPECIAL ORDERS WELCOMED! If we don't stock it, we will special order those hard to find items for you! Visit our Products page for more information about the brands we carry.

Camp GoldenView - Exotic Boarding Services

We are equipped for boarding all sizes of birds, reptiles, rodents and other exotic mammals. Visit our Camp GoldenView page for more information about these services!

Pet Acupuncture and Behavioral Therapy

For pet acupuncture and behavioral therapy check out our partner at

Visit and for behavior information and products that you need to understand, prevent, and manage your pet's behavior.

I'm getting my prescription refill through Proxy Rx? What's that!?

The staff here at Goldenview Veterinary Hospital is excited to tell you about Proxy Rx! Proxy Rx is a service provided by our normal supplier (MWI Veterinary Supply) that allows us to ship your pet's prescription right to your door! This eliminates the hassle of trying to find time in your day to stop by and pick up your pet's refill. Proxy Rx works through veterinary offices only. You still call us for your refills like you normally would, but now your pet's medications can be conveniently sent to you! There is no extra charge for this service, unless you would like the prescription to be sent over night. There are over 500 products available, including specialty items we do not usually keep in stock in the clinic. Prescriptions take 3-5 business days to arrive at your house after we place the order, so be sure to call ahead before you completely run out of your pet's medication. We are hoping that Proxy Rx will make life much easier for you and your pet!


Do you ever wonder what is normal behavior for your exotic pet or bird? What type of lights and heat your reptile requires? Or just want to learn more about your dog or cat? Check out the Internet Sites approved by our veterinarians to give you this information and more!

Internet Sites

These websites have been personally approved by our veterinarians to provide you with the same trusted information you would hear from our mouths about husbandry, normal behavior, lighting, etc. If this information does not help solve the problem or answer all your questions, we must set an appointment to examine your pet before being being able to provide any further guidance or assistance. Call us now at 303-279-9182!

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